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Deliveries may temporarily require more time due to current COVID-19 disruption.
Deliveries may temporarily require more time due to current COVID-19 disruption.

RESTUBE swim (honey black/oasis)

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RESTUBE swim (honey black/oasis) perfect for swimmers * RESTUBE BUOY & FUNCTION
* 25mm BELT (lenght: 127 cm), EXCHANGEABLE
• reusable
• sea water proof
• Safety leash from buoy to pocket 50cm
• Buoyancy of the full inflated buoy: 75N
• transport in airplane (Max. one RESTUBE with cartrige + 2 replacement cartridges per passenger)
• RESTUBE is not a life jacket or a “personal flotation device (PFD).” • RESTUBE swim ready for use
• 1x RESTUBE spare cartridges (RA-00101) already installed incl. Neo-Sock
• Manual, QCG, IATA Info, RESTUBE flyer; Sticker Material: Nylon / TPU Color: honey black/ oasis Packaging Dimension: 6.29x4.27x2.36 The RESTUBE swim is the logical evolution of the RESTUBE idea. With a weight of just 210 g, it is the lightest and smallest Restube of all time. It is ideal for active and ambitious swimmers due to its compact dimensions and ultra-light material. The buoyancy of the buoy is still 75N, enough for any height.
Another special feature of the "swim" version is the removable RESTUBE stick. This simplifies the positioning and prevents slipping at long distances for the ambitious swimmer THE STORY is simple. A couple of years ago one of us experienced a critical situation in the water. Since then we want a safer time around water for us and our friends. As students of mechanical engineering, we developed the smallest and most robust water safety system for everybody - families, athletes or rescue people: RESTUBE was born.