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Deliveries may temporarily require more time due to current COVID-19 disruption.
Deliveries may temporarily require more time due to current COVID-19 disruption.

Powertraveller Mini-G: Portable Rugged 12000mAh Multi-Voltage Power Bank – DUAL USB ports, DC Output (12V/ 16V / 19V), Ideal For Charging Laptops (Under 40W), Tablet, Smartphone, SLR Camera, GPS, Acti

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  • POWERTRAVELLER MINI-G: Rugged, high-tech portable external battery for electronic devices. Small and lightweight, ideal for camping, hiking, touring, fishing & other outdoor activities. Made from hard-wearing materials and providing real power from an A5-sized unit weighing just 323g.
  • MULTI-VOLTAGE TECHNOLOGY: External battery pack works with devices up to 19Volts. Select the voltage required; 5V, 12V, 16V or 19V then connect your device and start charging. This useful feature means a plethora of devices can be charged via this power pack – laptops under 40-Watts, iPad, Surface Pro plus iPhone, Samsung, HTC & Sony smartphones as well as other 5V devices such as GoPro, Thuraya & Iridium SAT phones & more.
  • VERSATILE AND POWERFUL: Compatible with iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Sony, SAT Phones, GoPro, SLR cameras and other devices, the high capacity battery charges laptops under 40-Watts almost once, tablets 1-2x, smartphones 3-5x, action cameras 7-8x and smartwatches 20-22x. One-button touch technology makes this charger one you should always pack for your travels.
  • INTELLIGENT CHARGE DESIGN: Charge most electronic devices with this portable power pack. The 3x DC output voltages cover a plethora of larger devices whilst the dual USB ports charge smaller devices such as smartphones, iPods, etc. The Mini-G’s USB and DC output ports can be used simultaneously to charge two devices at once, useful if both a tablet and smartphone require charging. It is also possible to charge both the mini-g via the AC mains supply and charge a device from the outputs at
  • UPS SMART FEATURE: The Mini-G also has a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) feature. When the portable battery is connected via the included 19V universal AC mains charger and the voltage has been set to the 19V output, if the power supply from the electrical wall socket is interrupted, the Mini-G will stay permanently on.