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Body Glove Comfort Copper Ankle Compression Sleeve - Open Toed Ankle Support Plantar Fasciitis Sock Ideal for F oot Pain Relief, Heel Spurs, Workout Recovery, Daily Active, Sports (Small)

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  • SUPPORT STIFF SORE ANKLE JOINTS - As weight bearing joints, your ankles absorb the shock of jumping, running, dancing, sports and active jobs. Sometimes the posterior tibial ankle nerve becomes overused and inflamed after cardiovascular exercise which prevents full mobility. That’s what motivated the Body Glove team to design a comfortable toeless ankle-high copper fit sock with the perfect amount of compression that promotes muscle and joint function during a variety of activities.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE EVERYDAY WEAR - Choose from Men’s Small, Medium or Large and Women’s Small Medium or Large for that perfect comfort fit that can be worn all day and night. If you experience foot discomfort from plantar fasciitis , an old joint stress fracture, edema, or heel pain , slip on our compression ankle wrap that fits either foot to improve blood circulation. If you stand on your feet for long hours or travel by air, our pro compression sock delivers the support you need.
  • ODOR AND GERM FREE HYGIENIC FABRIC - We made our foot support with 62% of a unique and high quality copper polyester, CuTEC , to reduce odor, prevent fungus and remain germ free. We used only the best fabrics as they permanently bind the copper fiber to our eco-friendly combination of breathable 30% spandex and 8% nylon. This exceptional material matrix provides maximum stability for injury prevention, instant pain relief and reducing inflammation.
  • MINIMIZE FOOT MUSCLE FATIGUE - Whether you suffer from foot ailments caused by your occupation or by regular athletic routines, warmth around your foot joints, muscles and tendons prevents cramps, increases oxygen delivery and decreases potentially painful lactic acid build up. Our under sock, anti-fatigue medical compression sock limits swelling and improves blood flow. Regardless of your age or fitness level, wear our knit ankle sport sock and enjoy the relief you deserve.
  • MADE TO BAR RAISING STANDARDS - We are the inventors of the first practical wetsuit which revolutionized surfing and diving in 1953. We came up with “fits like a glove” which led to the Body Glove name. We pledge to continually build products that enhance and protect us above and below the water’s surface. Our Knit Copper Ankle Sleeve , like every product we sell, passes through the strictest requirements. We guarantee it 100