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Body Glove 3mm Dive 2 PC Beaver Tail Wet Suit -17178-S-BWC

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  • TECHINCAL LYRCA COATED FABRIC - Designed specifically for freedivers, wetsuit comes in three different thickness levels 3mm 5mm and 7mm lycra coated fabric
  • STYLISH CAMO DESIGN - Camouflage pattern in Green Kelp for optimal stealth in the water, beavertail designed 3mm jacket, built-in hood and attaching pants
  • SUPPORT AND COMFORT - Technical fabric articulated sleeves, and legs, Tritec knee pads, and a molded exterior load pad to maximize dryness to keep you warm
  • DURABLE FOR THE TOUGHEST CONDITIONS - Smooth skin, face, wrist, ankle and waist seals make the Free Dive one of the toughest wetsuits on the market today
  • BODY GLOVE FREE DIVE - Is the most complete freediving wetsuit in today's market, superior technical features in lycra coated green kelp camouflage fabric